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How can we know what the future holds? Educators grapple with this question continuously as they plan the education of our young students in a way that is relevant to the world they are growing into. The short answer: take from the past and use best guesses about the future.

However guessing is really not necessary today. Climate Change is an established scientific fact confirmed not only by scientists but by governments that banded together in Paris in 2015 and agreed to cooperate in combatting global warming. There is little doubt that climate change will have irrefutable influence on the lives and careers of our young people and we serve them best by alerting them to the challenge and by educating them to take account.



In order to help schools, teachers and school systems do so, NYCPromise, a New York City-based STEM education platform, has created Cool is Cool, a program designed to give kids the basic scientific information; to prepare them to get involved by leading an energy audit of their own schools and by taking them on a visit to an established alternative energy provider to see the future in action. 

The knowledge and experiences that students will have gained by these activities will be shared with students from other schools on an Electronic Student Climate Network.

The climate change program builds on the STEM activities that NYCPromise has introduced into New York City public schools over the past two years. Private sector professionals have visited schools to inform students how transforming new technology has become in the development of the US economy and therefore how important note of this must be taken by students in their planning for future education and careers. Modules have been prepared for Health Care; Alternative Energy; Entrepreneurship; and City Development. 



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