The Crisis

The future success of the U.S. economy now depends on technological innovation. Our head start is has been matched by the growing capabilities of countries in Asia and South America. Our students are at risk of falling behind. To maintain our position we need to cultivate a new generation of scientists, technologists and technicians. Technology is now a majorforce in the economic future of New York City. New technology research centers have been put in place and the City has become one of the nation's most prolific location for new enterprise development.

The Solution

Government budgets for education at all levels are no longer adequate to address our needs.  The private sector must play a role in its own interest and in the interest of public education. Properly motivated and trained students offer the solution.

NYCPromise is a non-profit STEM education platform with a two-fold mission:

Demonstrate New Opportunities

To make NYC students at both middle and high school levels aware of the dramatic transformation taking place in the US economy that will provide new and exciting opportunities to students for both further study and career planning.  New technology is providing the driving force in all sectors, so the better informed the student is, the better he and she can prepare themselves.


To deliver the message by professionals within the classroom that can lend authenticity and reliability.  This will result in a stronger and more lasting bond between the private sector and public education for the benefit of both.  The private sector can contribute to better prepared future employees and public schools can offer a more life-relevant educational experience to students.